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Owl Computing Technologies focuses on one thing – Cybersecurity

for networks using a patented technology called data diodes. While data diodes are a proven and widely deployed technology, they are still new

to many people.

In 1998, our founder and CEO was asked to develop a cybersecurity product that would protect highly sensitive government information. That product was a data diode. The concept of a data diode is simple, use specifically designed hardware circuitry so that it is only possible for data to flow in one direction.  No backdoors, no software bugs or vulnerabilities, no malware, no impact from changing permissions or authorization; quite simply, unlike a firewall or other device vulnerable to software changes or manipulation, there is no way to change the behavior or operation of a data diode.

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From that first product, using an original patent developed by Sandia National Labs, Owl has gone on to develop an additional 27 patents (with 12 more pending) and create two product lines that serve both government networks and commercial/industrial networks.

The OPDS product line offers a range of products that are designed for commercial networks and industrial networks, all part of the 16 sectors identified by the government as critical infrastructure.

The OCDS product line provides a variety of accredited and verified capabilities for government agencies, Defense and Intelligence, including UCDSMO baseline products.

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