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Departments and Ministries of Defense have always been leaders in network security, requiring the highest level of innovation and product reliability to achieve network security goals. Network integrity is integral to mission success since a breech can put both property and lives at risk.


As greater volumes of information is transmitted to and from the tactical edge, and command elements must analyze and respond to increasing amounts of data, requirements continue to evolve. Consequently, network security products must adapt in two directions; greater processing capacity and higher bandwidth to support the increasing data volumes and while simultaneously they need to be smaller and lighter to support the mobile paradigm. Solutions must scale up to support large enterprise environments while scaling down in size to support vehicles and dismounted soldiers.



Defense networks are continually under attack with increasingly sophisticated cyber-weapons. Long-standing security practices have effectively dealt with viruses and unauthorized access, however a new threat known as APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) is presenting new challenges to network security. The bad actors behind APTs have the patience and persistence to wait days and months to analyze network vulnerabilities and formulate and execute attacks. This new threat could unleash a coordinated attack to hit multiple assets simultaneously and defeat a mission objective. This patience displayed by the attackers, coupled with the fact that the data moving across the networks is becoming more sophisticated and includes full motion video, high speed sensor data and a large variety of message and file types, points to solutions that need to be continuous and powerful enough to meet the variety and volume of data being processed.



Owl has created a portfolio of products specifically designed to isolate secure networks and eliminate all outside threats including APTs.  Utilizing the hardware enforced security of Owl’s DualDiode® Technology, enhanced with embedded filtering capability, a hardened operating system, and rigidly controlled administrative access, Owl’s Cross Domain Solutions have protected defense system networks for over 15 years. Achieving unsurpassed performance and reliability, Owl’s product portfolio includes enterprise transfer capacity of tens of thousands of inspected files per hour, point-to-point solutions transferring command center files and images, and tactical products supporting mobile expeditionary missions with low SWaP requirements.





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