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DualDiode® Technology & Owl System Functionality

The core technology driving Owl’s secure data transfer systems is the DualDiode - a robust, data diode transfer platform. Initially based on Sandia National Labs’ data diode technology, DualDiode provides a fast (Up to 2.5Gbps), one-way data stream to safely link discrete networks.

Comprised of two Owl-designed communication cards, and optical fiber, DualDiode hardware is literally a physical connection for fail-safe, one-way data transfer. When deploying a DualDiode data transfer system, Owl’s Send-only and Receive-only cards are installed into respective host computer platforms, fitting into standard card slots, connected by optics.

Owl DualDiode Protocol Break

One-way transfer is achieved through a simplex optical link that has just one light source (at the source computer) and just one photo detector (at the destination computer). No information of any kind, including handshaking protocols, (TCP/IP, SCSI, USB, serial/parallel ports, etc.) will ever travel from the destination computer back to the source computer. Special patented protocols are used to assure this reliable, absolute one-way transfer. One-way transfer is redundantly enforced in the communication hardware and driver software applications to ensure that data residing on the isolated domain, and the isolated domain itself, are fully protected. Thus, DualDiode hardware and proprietary software are a non-routable protocol break between sending and receiving domains.

Once deployed, communication between the two networks will be initiated by Owl’s secure one-way transfer cards through Send and Receive gateways, each securing one end of the robust connection at its respective network security domain. Data in transfer can originate from anywhere on the Send network with the ability to move multiple files and subfolders in any designated directory of the Send machine. The hardware enforced DualDiode transfer system will then transfer, or mirror, the information from the Send machine directory across the one-way DualDiode link to the Receive machine.